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November 6th, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

NAME Your business card is quite often the first impression you make when it comes to dealing with potential clients. So why not put a little effort into it? At least that was my thinking when I developed mine. I can’t really say that these cards alone are responsible for getting me oodles of work but they do seem to make me more memorable. Not always a good thing. Especially on those odd social nights when beer and over opinionated conversations are flowing freely in equal proportions. O_o

Frequently asked questions and comments usually go:

“Is this a little envelope? Is there something inside it? Can I open it?”
- To which I respond: “Yes it is. Yes there is. Yes you can.”

“How much did it cost to have these made? They must have been expensive.”
- I like to do everything myself. I like to set up my own gear. I like to do my own post-production. And yes, I like to make my own cards. So, the expense can only really be measured in terms of time. Print the front of the envelopes, print the tabs, print the front and back of the insert photos, cut the inserts down to size, apply the tabs, cut the tabs, assemble and seal. Wow. When I fit it all into one nonsensical sentence like that it doesn’t sound like much but trust me it’s plenty.

“Who is this photo of?”
-That is the lovely and talented pnts (pronounced; “pants”). My wife, my web designer and on those odd nights when beer and over opinionated conversations are flowing freely in equal proportions, my much appreciated voice of reason. The photo I use for my card is the first shot I took after I decided to stop being a part time shooter. This was the night pnts persuaded me to follow my dreams and not my pocket book. I’m sure she is kicking herself now ;) .

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